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Posted: September 10, 2010 in Movies

“You are Bangalored!” This has become a common phrase in America when someone’s job has been outsourced to……a Bangalorean! Amazingly, this word has entered the dictionaries around the world and it seems quite apt. Though this word is popular in the USA and UK, Bengaloored is something which a Bangalorean is actually facing! How you ask? You  have to see the movie to believe it 😉

This review is a long pending one and I’m pretty sure that my friend Naveen won’t spare me for this one. I had promised him that a review of the movie would come up soon on my blog and the movie is so long gone from the theaters(What else do you expect from an artsy movie? 🙂 ) This time round, the joke is on us, since you would be Bengaloored!

The film starts off with a foot-tapping song “Ellhogali Shivane” by Vasu Dixit. It is a Kannada song and goes onto to tell how much life and the city has changed in the last few years. That one song is enough to remind you of the sweet memories of you and your friends playing the simple games during your holidays. Babruvahana, a.k.a, Babbu (Harish Raj) is back in his very own Bengaluru after working as an author abroad for few years. Like anyone else, he’s blown away by the changes in the city. He decides to catch up with his pals from school and begins to search for his childhood crush, Radha (Meghana Mudiyan). Since he cannot propose to her directly, he decides to buy time by playing “catch-up” since the time he left India. This is when he discovers that his best friend from school is a swami! The swami played by Swaroop Kanchi himself does a fair job. He makes life look too easy and sometimes feel that living the life of a saffroned saint in India helps you a great deal. Everything is free, you get to make connections with the real powers in the democracy and you don’t have to work for it! You just have to make sure that you stay away from (sex) scandals 😉

The initial conversation between Babbu and Radha in the coffee shop made me really nostalgic. Just the previous day, Naveen and me were discussing about our school life and it had continued into the night. I felt as though my school mates were right in front of me discussing the fun things which we used to do.

Babbu wants to write the concluding part for the novel which he is now writing and is on a search for  his inspiration. Ramana(Srinivasa Prabhu) plays the senile old man very well. He is at ease on the big screen as he is on the small screen. It maybe because of the role which he has been given and this movie more or less feels like an art movie. Babbu goes places meeting people and honestly each character has played a very well defined role and meaningful one too. While Babbu is thinking as to how he can propose to Radha, he is also battling his other emotions which is pent up inside him. He decides to vent out his anger on this father by calling him a bastard. As time passes, Babbu mellows down, probably because of the companionship which he gets from Radha, the anger which he sometimes vents on his dad or the other things which he does in life.

Just when he decides to propose to Radha, the bomb drops on him. Suddenly, his life careens out of control and he realizes that the brakes to his situations have failed. Everything happens too fast and before he can realize what is happening, he has crashed. How he picks himself up and moves on is up to you to watch.

All the actors are noted from the small screen and you can easily identify with them. Special mention needs to go to Harish and Meghana to keep the movie interesting and under control. Both of them have done  a brilliant job. The music, composed by Vasu Dixit is easy on the ears and if you pay attention to the lyrics, probably you can relate the scenes much more easily to your life.  My favorite continues to be “Ello Shivane” because it is in kannada and also makes you nostalgic.  The movie gives you a good touch of philosophy and realism.

The only turn off in this movie is the sound recording. It simply doesn’t have the real touch in it and though the actors do a great job, their dialogue delivery feels like a voice-over. The foley artists are even more pathetic. This is one area where Swaroop needs to work on.

If you are into contemporary cinema and a Bangalorean, this is one movie which you should not miss.