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The One Week Bike Report

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Automobile
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One week, 150kms and I’m LOVING IT!! 😀 That’s how it is till now being a proud Apache RTR 160 owner. After going through hundreds of posts, losing hours of sleep wondering if I made the right choice of going for this bike. I can now say that YES! The RTR is a wonderful bike and I made a good decision by buying it.

On the very first day of the delivery, just before my registration number could arrive, I decided to take the bike on a spin. I decided to take the smaller roads in Rajajinagar considering “maamas” being all around and they would flag me down and fearing that they would end up fining me for riding a bike without the registration number. Here I am, enjoying the throaty note of the exhaust, the nimble handling and the sharp brakes of my bike and suddenly, there is a 2-wheeler asshole who hit my bike!!! Yes, an accident on the very first day!! I was riding at around 30kmh and was near a cross where a bus was turning towards my end and being an Indian, the HH rider overtakes the bus from the left and comes straight towards me. He brakes hard, skids and since I’m scared to rev the new bike, I end up stalling my bike when he comes close and ‘hits’ me. Having 2 small scratches on my baby is heart-rendering. I’m dazed and yell at him and he drives away. The mofo didn’t hit anywhere else.

I simply head back to the showroom, get my number. Get the initial checkup and instructions from the mechanic and go straight home and get the pooja done. Since then, I’ve been careful the way I ride around the city and the bike starts to speak to me.

People have written in lengths about how the Apache feels. The catapulting effect, the sweet throaty exhaust note, the ability of handling the curves with ease, the vibes, the nasty tires(time to improve the rubber TVS!!) and the notchy gearbox. It’s true. All true. However, like someone mentioned on the forum. Your bike behaves as well as you want it to make it to. Today being a Saturday, I take the bike for a long ride to get to know how it is to actually feel the bike without the stop-go traffic. Brilliant! Simply brilliant! All these days I was always maintaining a speed of just 40kmph, but today decided to take it a notch higher and absolutely within the safety speed of the run-in; 50kmph. Revving the bike a tad bit more, but slowly, I manage to keep the beautiful machine in the desired speed and it feels good. One thing which I observed about the gearbox is, (in my opinion) that it is designed to shift just as in a race. Quick successions. Not like your regular bike. Do this and you feel that your gearbox is a lot smoother and there are no false shifts. I told you my bike was talking to me! 🙂

For all the people who are complaining about the posture, COME ON! Didn’t you realize that this is supposed to have racing ergonomics and not as a commuter bike? Even the ad says so! Just make sure that you don’t keep your wrists completely straight, but lower it slightly and see that all your wrist pains will disappear.

Team-BHP, xBHP and other automobile forums have me hooked and I suggest that every automobile owner go through their posts. There is so much to learn about your machine! From the carburetor, to the fuel injection system to the type of oil to be used. It’s simply amazing! Following their advice will surely help your vehicle purring for years to come.

See you on the roads! Happy and safe riding 🙂