Workaround for Symantec Endpoint 11.x.x client installation on Windows 7 64-bit

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Tech
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If you are a sysadmin and manage your client machines anti-virus centrally with Symantec Endpoint Protection(SEP), you might have come across a situation where the SEP client simply refuses to install. A dialog box keeps popping up asking you to reboot the machine since a previous didn’t complete. No matter how many times you reboot, this will continue.

Here is a workaround, and it is mainly for the single installer packages which are created.

1. Use an extractor utility like 7-zip to extract the files from the installer to a folder

2. Locate the file called LUpdate.exe and run it. The Live Update will run and will ask for a reboot. Go ahead and reboot the machine

3.  Now, hit the setup.exe file and the installation should go smoothly

This has worked for me every time. Not sure if Symantec has fixed their issue in their latest release. Hope this small tut helps.


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