A small tour…….in McDonald’s kitchen!

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Food

What good is a blog if there is no mention about food if the blog itself is a meal in itself? πŸ˜€ So, here goes the first post about food! Yesterday I happened to go to McDonald’s at SRS(no one seems to know what exactly this stands for. That’s what my friend claims) near Peenya Industrial area. If you are surprised that a McD is open in such an area, so was I the first time I heard it. This branch seems to be far better w.r.t to the ambiance compared to the one in Gopalan mall.

While me and my friend were gulping down McChicken, a petite young lady comes up and asks, “Do you want to see the kitchen, sir?” We didn’t expect that one coming! This seems to be a new initiative by McD to help improve the customer relation and also a form of marketing. Good going! We agreed for this and the lady took us around explaining how the the great McD kitchen works. Lets begin the tour.

Before we enter the kitchen, we are given muslin caps to be worn. As soon as you enter, on the left you find the French fries being scooped and put into the cardboard containers.

Scoop in the golden food!

Immediately to the right, you find the potato fingers being fried. The oil is boiled only at a particular temperature and for a specific time which ensures that you don’t get fries which are over/undercooked.

Fresh potato fingers being fried

Right opposite to this is the counter where the veg burgers are prepared. McD ensures that the veg and non-veg sections are segregated. This ensures that the vegetarian guys don’t end up actually finding a chicken patty in their McAloo Tikki. Hehehe… We got to see how a McAloo Tikki is made. It’s a fairly simple process. I clicked the next 3 pics secretly since one of the staff mentioned that we are not supposed to shoot photos. When you can freely let in customers to the kitchen and show how things are done, why not allow pics. Heck! Are they scared that we might capturing a rat in a pic? πŸ˜€

For all burgers, the buns go into a grill which flattens the bun to a large extent. It sits there for around a minute before it is pulled out.

Then comes the layers in your sandwich….Β The guy at the very back was still doubtful if I had stopped clicking the pics…… or was he verifiying an order which had just come in? πŸ˜‰

Tada! Your meal is served

The 2 steel contraptions which you see right above the ingredients containers are used to dispense mayonnaise. Pull the trigger and the goop falls right in the middle of your buns. The board which partially reads “shelf life” shows how long each ingredient can be used. The arrows are turned based on the number of minutes it has been out of the cold storage. The maximum time which was set was set for the onions of about 2 and half hours(if I remember right). If the ingredient is not used within that time, it goes straight to the bin. Wonder how many hotels follow this in India? I had heard about this kind of working abroad, but it is really wonderful to see in India as well.

The non-veg section is pretty much the same picture and we are taken to the storage section inside.

Packing storage(left) and the cold storage with vegetables(right) Digu is wondering what to do in case we get stuck inside πŸ˜›

The freezer feels like we have just walked into a snowy region in our T-shirts and I want to be out of there within 20 seconds. The cold storage mainly houses stuff such as cheese and patties. Most of the food come from Pune.

Say cheese and cuckudoo! πŸ˜€

Utensil cleaning area. Small, yet does the job

After all this, we are given a feedback form and we give a positive feedback (honest!) and for that, we are given ice-creams! Digu and me actually posed for this shot. Hehehe…. πŸ˜›

That was Β really wonderful experience and would like to know if other branches are doing the same. I’m pretty sure M.G. Road and branches in malls can’t afford for these kind of tours because of the crowd. It’s tough to handle kids and not a good idea to have them in either McD’s or our own kitchen at home. Wait for more foodie posts in the future πŸ™‚

  1. Spacey says:

    you should watch the “Food.Inc”…I am sure you won’t be as impressed after that!

  2. Diganth says:

    It was a good experience…. its a change from normally going hogging and coming back… we sometimes need to see whats going in and around as well……. i guess other food chains should also take this initiative except the hotels near our college… if they take us for a tour i will faint in the kitchen for sure… πŸ˜‰

    PS: by the way it was you who were worried in the storage section fearing it would get locked… πŸ˜€

  3. Himanshu says:


    nice article..
    M very much impressed by McD’s upselling technique. I am form hospitality industry itself. And to correct you about clicking photographs… All i can say is that they were refusing you not because of rats, infact they don’t have rats in the kitchen but they did not want to get their secret recipe or preparation techniques to be recorded in photographs.

    Another thing i would like to say is that you go to any five star hotel in India… They throw the food in bins after a certain period of time if its unsold.

    rest your blog was nice.

    you can contact me if you want to express something.

    take care

  4. minimeals says:

    @Spacey-Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment πŸ™‚ I’ll be downloading it now. I’m a bit scared to watch it. I’ve seen a lot of CCTV videos on TV where chefs do a lot of nasty things for customers who complain. Makes me shudder

    @Diganth-True other eat-outs should also take this initiative, but I’m not sure how impressed we will be πŸ™‚

    @Himanshu-Hey thanks for leaving a comment here πŸ™‚ True, 5-star hotels dump food if it is not utilized within a certain period of time. That’s the reason the bills are sky high!! Regarding the secret recipe. I’m not sure if they indeed have anything like that, since we saw everything ready made. All they do is, pick them out from the freezer before cooking, thaw it well and use it for cooking. In case you are interested, there are lot of “secret recipes” posted about McD and KFC posted all over the Internet. Check it out πŸ˜‰

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